Dracony Armory



You wander along a bit, not knowing where you are going, and not caring either.  Suddenly, a bright portal jumps up in from of you, and drags you in.  You feel yourself falling to pieces, and scream at the top of your lungs.  But the scream doesn't pass your lips, for suddenly you find yourself on solid ground, and whole.  Looking around, you are surprised to see that you are in a room, that looks very much like a small version of outer space.

"Hello," comes a voice from behind you.



Name: Belleu
Status: Searcher

"Who are you?" You ask.

"My name is Belleu," she explains, looking at you.  "What are you doing here?" she asks.  You tell her about the portal, and she grins.  "Ah yes, the portal.  That is how I often times come here as well." A look of mystery passes over her eyes, but then quickly disappears.  Suddenly, from behind one of the glowing planets bounds a little blue dragon.  "Edelstein!" Belleu grins broadly.



Name: Edelstein
Gender: Female
Type: Korion
Age: Hatchling
From: DCL

Then she looks at you, and introduces you to her friend.  "This is the my only other companion.  Perhaps, someday, there will be more, but for now she is the only Dracony that I've bonded."  Edelstein looks at her, and thrumms in the back of her throat.  "Isn't she beautiful?" Belleu asks you.

"Yes, she is wonderful! Where can I get one?"

"At the Society for Dracony Competing League."  She explains.  You stay a little longer, talking about Edelstein, and you learn that she has not been in any battles yet, she is to young.


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