Diamant Rivage and Wanderer's Dream



Reserved for the owners of the parents

  • Tribe: Red Fern

  • Devianshi

  • Personality: This tribe is known for its unusual depression, and also the comfort they provide to others.

  • Tribe: Diamant

  • Gwyene

  • Personality: This tribe is sometimes referred to as the Storm Bringers, they have a strange knack for getting in trouble, creating havoc, and summoning storms.


Pick up your cub!
  • Tribe: Molten Lava

  • Tigeress Rikku

  • Personality: Sadistic little Egyptan, twisted mind and a sense of humor to boot.

  • Tribe: Red Inca

  • Brittany

  • Personality: Friendly and loving, enjoys helping others and is very smart.

  • Tribe: Mossy Sunrise

  • Jesse

  • Personality: Enjoys the simpler things of life... loves sunrises and sunsets most of all though.

  • Tribe: Jaded Envy

  • Tabbytha

  • Personality: An oddball, yet a very cute oddball who lives life to the fullest.