Egyptis Paddock



It was raining, and raining hard.  Looking out my window I couldn't see anything, and I was worried.  Wanderer's Dream was supposed to be coming home today, but I feared the worst with the storm and all.  Lightening streaked across the sky in a beautiful array of light, but I couldn't enjoy it.  My stomach reared its ugly head and threatened to deposit its contents on the floor as another streak lit up the sky.

There, a small dot framed by the deadly bolt of electricity.  I knew it was her.  Somehow, I just knew it.

The dot grew bigger swiftly before another lightening bolt ripped across the sky and torrents of rain poured down.  "Let her make it," I prayed silently to myself, staring out the window at the dot which now had form, her form.  Red and green was illuminated by the light.

It was only a minute at most, but it seemed an eternity that I waited at that window, waited for her to come and land safely on the porch.  But when she finally did, I ran and through the door open to find her sodden and hair on end, but never the less smiling up at me despite a white cocoon between her teeth.

She let the cocoon gently down once she had come all the way in and tackled me, pinning me beneath her and yipping like a happy puppy.  "I'm glad to be back," she managed, smiling and reclaiming herself, getting off and sitting down before the fire with the cocoon.

I smiled at her knowingly, and she beamed back.  "This is Errilia, she is for you," the happy mother smiled.

Name: Errilia
Gender: Unknown
Tribe: Unknown
Age: Cacoon
Mate: None
Abilities: Unknown
Parents: Wanderer's Dream and Diamant Rivage