Flion Aviary

Things are not what they appear,
as tonight will make quite clear,
but what is real will be revealed
I can feel the moment near,
things  are never what they seem,
that will be this evening's theme,
a music sites for your delight,
perhaps a few to make you scream,
you'll be surprised to see who is discussed,
who is the cleverest one of the lot,
after our show the whole world will know
who is pretending to be what they are not
a powered face is just the place,
to hide an ugly scheme,
only one things really clear,
things are not what they appear!*

Name: n/a
Gender: n/a
Age: n/a
Wings: n/a
Tail: n/a
Horns: n/a
Spikes: n/a
Fur: n/a
Markings: n/a
Coloration: n/a
Legs: n/a
Eyes: n/a
Other: n/a

*Lyrics from Pocahontas, Journey to England