Egyptis Pyramid

Journey For a Friend


One day, I was searching everywhere for an original pet to call my own, one that when seen by my friends, they would say, "Wow," and I would respond, "I know, isn't she just wonderful?" I journeyed until I could journey no further, and grew weak. I finally collapsed in a strange and barren place, with a ground so colorful and yet slightly disturbing, that it made me dizzy just to keep my eyes on the ground. I woke up hours later, with something soft nuzzling me. I opened my eyes, and immediately yelped in terror. Before me, I saw a majestic fox like creature, with wings and feathers. The creature looked at me, and tipped its head slightly, and then started laughing!

"Don't be afraid of me, two legger. I will not hurt you." I was immediately calmed by the soothing tone of the creature's voice. "My name is Shift.  Why have you come here?"

"I was looking for a pet of my own... I think I got lost, and ended up here, somehow." Shift looked at me again, and a grin crossed her fox like muzzle.

"Many creatures come here by mistake, some are looking for a new place to live, others are just wanderers. It was fortunate that you came here though, I have recently had a baby, though it is just a cacoon as of now. Come with me to my lair, and see it and my mate, Confusion." I nodded my head, and followed her to her den. Inside, it was dark, lit by torches on the walls. A big, bright blue Egyptis came over to Shift and me, and nuzzled her gently.

"Who is this?" He rumbled in the back of his throat.

"This is a wanderer I found out there. She says she is looking for a pet to call her own. I thought that our cub would be good for her. After all, you know that this is no place for a child that I can't care for. Who knows what will happen to it out there, in the wild, without me..." Shift trailed off, and I looked at her puzzled.

"Shift is," Confusion began, "Well, the truth is, that she's dying. It's amazing that she lasted this long. Ever since we left Egyptan, she hasn't been herself. Something about this place, its killing her. We would have gone back, but she's to weak as it is, the journey is long, and I don't think she can make it."

I looked at Shift in horror, how unfair of life, to kill such a beautiful creature! All I could say was, "I'll take the cacoon for you." Confusion looked me over, and nodded his head. The torches glistened off the tears forming in Shift's eyes.

"Thank you," she replied, musically. "Take care of it, guard it with your life."

"I will." I answered. Confusion brought over a white bundle in his mouth, and placed it gently into my arms.


"Name it Puzzle, when it hatches," he added, concern flashing through his eyes.

"I will," I promised. Then, Confusion lead me out of the cave, and onto the plain with the mysterious ground. "Just go straight, until you come to the end of this place," I nodded, and began, not looking back, the cacoon safe and sound in my arms. I eventually found my way out, and then home, and fell into bed. When I woke up, I thought it had all been a dream, but I then saw the cacoon, still wrapped tightly in my arms. I sighed heavily, remembering the beautiful creatures that this silky little cacoon would eventually hatch into.