Egyptis Province

A Discovery


This is my fourth Egyptis. However, his discovery involves no other new Egyptis's, unlike my other three.  His story, in fact, is short, and simple:

I was walking around, and tripped over...something.  As I dusted myself off, I looked around to see what it was.  I discovered that it was a large, white cacoon.  An Egyptis cacoon.  I sighed, and wondered why I was finding all these cacoons.  I loved my Egyptis's, but why was I being chosen to care for these cacoons?  They weren't just an every day occurrence.  None of my friends had any Egyptis's, in fact, no one I knew had any, or had even heard of them.  Yet I had three, and now I found another one.

I picked up the warm cacoon, not wanting to leave it alone, out in the world.  I took it inside, and placed it gently on a soft blanket on my floor.  Another of my Egyptis's just happened to come in my room as I did this.  It was Puzzle, my first Egyptis, who was fully grown, and already had a mate.  He looked at the cacoon, puzzled.  He and RainbowMyst had just had their first clutch, and he was giddy with joy.  But he stopped at the sight of this new cacoon.

Name:Ruin Mysteek

"Where did you get that one?" he asked, and I was surprised.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, who gave you that one?"

"I found it," I replied, honestly, and a bit confused.  "Why does it matter?"

"Well," he answered, as if it should seem all to obvious, "Don't you find it strange that you keep finding more and more of us at every corner?"

"A little," I replied, beginning to see his point.  "But that doesn't really matter.  They must have come to me for a reason, and whether I know what that is or not, I have a duty to the cacoon and to myself to..."

"I understand," Puzzle nodded.  "But aren't you even curious as to why you keep happening upon them, without warning?"

"No," I lied.  Puzzle read my thoughts, as he often did.  He is telepathic, and with that comes the ability to read minds, or so he says.  "Well, what can I do?  I don't really have much of a chance to find out why.  It must be fate."  Puzzle looked at me, and content with my answer nuzzled my face with his muzzle.  Then, he swiftly walked over to his mate's cacoon, and nestled in next to it.

"What are you going to name this one?" He asked with a yawn.

"I don't know yet.  We'll have to wait and see." I answered, and started stroking the cacoon tenderly.