The Stables



You decide to go towards the sound.  You walk until you come to a long, wooden building.  You walk up to the building and across the doorframe in gold letters is the word "Stables".  You push open the barn style door and enter, being greeted by the fresh smell of horses.  But your surprised that there aren't any stalls.  Instead, you see two horses prancing about freely in the open space littered with bales of hay.  And the open area is lined with doors, you can only assume that through the doors lie more horses.  The blue one comes up to you, followed closely by the red one.  "My name is Larbo," he tells you.

"You can talk?" you ask, startled.

"I just did, didn't I?" he laughs to himself, and then adds, "This is Runii."  She smiles at you and nods politely, pondering you.

"Who are you?" she asks, curious.  When you tell her, she smiles and nods again.  "Yes, we were told there was a stranger roaming freely, who was not of the Phyr kind.  You have, at least, heard of the Phyr, have you not?" This time, it is your turn to nod, and she laughs gaily.

"There are many others here, such as a tiny horse, also from Mystia, located in the first room on your left.  But there are more that are not from Mystia in the other rooms.  After you visit the them, perhaps you had better use your time looking elsewhere."


T. H.