Egyptis Pasture

A Gift


This is one of the children of Hope and MidnightStar


One morning I was sitting in my room, tenderly stroking the cacoon of Puzzle and RainbowMyst, longing for it to hatch, when Puzzle came rushing in, out of breath.  "Hope and MidnightStar have clutched!" he reported, excitedly and out of breath.  I had heard about the expectant couple.  MidnightStar was the brother of RainbowMyst, who was Puzzle's mate.  I leapt up, almost as excited as Puzzle, and climbed on his back.  Together, we rushed through the clouds, towards the place where the cacoons were.

When we reached our destination, I ran over to Hope, and congratulated her.  There were three little cacoons laying in front of her, and she looked at them, pride dancing in her eyes.  "May I?" I asked.  She nodded, with great joy.  I took the smallest one, for great things come of small things, or so I would soon learn.

As we flew home, the wind rushed through my hair.  Suddenly, a great burst of wind broke through the clouds.  Puzzle faltered slightly, but being very good on his wings did not fall.  I, however, was not so skilled in the air.  In attempting to right myself, I dropped the cacoon.

Puzzle quickly dived after it, I leaned forwards.  We overtook it easily, and landed on the ground directly underneath it.  But it never came.  "Maybe the wind carried it farther away," Puzzle suggested, hopefully.  We can look for it on the ground.  If the wind had averted its course, it would not hit with full force."

I looked at him, desperate for an answer.  He started walking in the direction the wind had hit us from.  I followed, knowing not what else to do.  It had grown foggy on the ground, and I could not see very far in front of me, but in the distance, I thought I saw movement.

As we drew nearer to where I saw the movement, I realized that it was a huge creature, with great wings.  But I was not afraid of it, its presence seemed peaceful and calming, and it emitted a pale glow of florescent light.  I stepped closer to it, and it began to take form.  It was a huge butterfly, and on its back was the cacoon!  I approached it, hoping not to scare it away.  It was much larger then I, and it did not seem afraid.

"May I have my cacoon?" I asked it, whispering.  It moved its antennae towards me, and then motioned towards the cacoon.  "Yes," I whispered back.  The butterfly made a motion to get it, but another terrible wind picked up, dragging the fog over its light.  For a moment, I could not see it, the fog very dense.  But then, the fog cleared, and the butterfly was gone.

My heart pounding, I looked frantically on the ground, to see, perhaps, if the cacoon was lying hidden in the mist.  To my relief, it was where the butterfly had been only moments before.  I rushed to it, and held it in my arms.  I felt a little movement, and knew that it was still alive.  The butterfly must have caught it on the way down, and brought it safely to earth's surface.

Puzzle came up to me, sharing my look of relief.  I climbed on his back, and together we flew off once more, but this time there were no great gusts of wind to throw us off course.  Finally, we came to my little house.  It was a most welcome sight.  When we went inside, I laid the cacoon on my bed and wrapped it in warm blankets.

"What are you going to name it?" Puzzle inquired of me.

"I am going to name it after the thing that saved its life!" I replied.  "Stymakia.  Phyrish for butterfly."

Name: Stymakia
Gender: Unknown
Age: Cacoon
Tribe Unknown