Adomera Arena



You enter a small, silver arena and look around.  You don't see much interesting at first but after a little while you see a small silver mat placed on the ground in the middle of the arena.  It is smooth and has a watery appearance with little silver and white ripples.  In the middle of the mat there is strange creature sitting.  It almost blends in with the mat, but its piercing yellow eye separates it.

You look at the creature for a moment, puzzled as to what it is, when it speaks.  "My name is Zilveria, and I am an Adomera."  You stare at it for a second, before speaking.

 "What is an Adomera?"

"I am silly!" she replies.  "Right now I am the only one here, but Gwyene promised that there will be more of us here soon." she smiles.  "There is a journal that Gwyene writes in sometimes when she visits me, you can read it." she adds, nudging a silvery notebook, made of the same general material that the mat is composed of, over to you.  You pick it up, it is smooth and cool and where you touch it the silver ripples out to the edges.  You open it up and it reads:

Name: Zilveria
Gender: Female
Color Silver Target
Age: Hatchling
Adopted from: Adomera Adoptions

Zilveria has hatched today, and isn't she beautiful?  I instantly fell in love.  And she has such a good sense of humor, she makes me laugh almost constantly.  I promised to bring more Adomera here for her to play with, and she seemed pleased.

After reading the journal you close it and put it back on the mat.  You stroke Zilveria gently and watch the ripples on the mat for a little while, but then you leave, promising to come back soon.  She smiles and wags her tail as you leave.