Egyptis Portal

Swirling Fate


This is one of the children of Inha and Browen

One dark, dreary day, I was wandering in the forest near my house, slowly, and as if in a trance.  I held the Orb around my neck, and waited.  Suddenly, I was interrupted by a loud crash.  I spun around and saw a strange creature staring at me.

It was horrible looking, it had a thick neck, that was about a foot long.  Atop its neck was a small head, with two bulgy eyes sticking out of it.  It had no mouth, but rather a hole on the front of its "face" that was filled with an empty blackness, nothing else.  Its body was lean and trim, and it had an athletic looking build.  It stood on two legs, and had two large clawed wings, no arms.

It made a loud noise, and started barreling down upon me.  I concentrated on the Orb resting on my chest.  Suddenly, a bright light shone out of it, and consumed the monster in its glory.  The monster, commonly called an Hjork*, let out a strangled scream, and disintegrated.  In its place, stood a portal.  A rainbow of color swirled within, inviting me into its midst.  I stepped inside.

Immediately I was in another dimension.  I seemed to be in a rainbow that swirled about me.  Laced into the rainbow were stars of pure white light.  It spun around me, until suddenly, it stopped.  I found myself in a strange place, one in which I had never been before.  It was a place made of sand, with a roof and walls that seemed to surround me.  A wind picked up taking a whiff of sand with it.  The sand spun once in the wind, and then headed off towards an opening.

I ran up the stairs, and into the fresh air.  I was glad to be out in open again.  In the distance I saw a strange... something.  Intrigued, I ran towards it until it formed into a strange dwelling.  It was like none other that I had ever seen, certainly different from mine.  The dwelling was at the foot of a mountain.  Up in the mountain I heard a loud noise.  I noticed a small cliff hidden by a veil of vines, it seemed.  The sound seemed to resonate from within the cave.

I began to run up the mountain, towards the cave.  When I got there I paused, hesitantly, but I heard another sound from within and decided to venture in.  It was dark at first, but then my eyes adjusted.  I saw a beautifully colored Egyptis, one like I had never seen before.  She stared at me, and began to growl.  I saw why, she was guarding a small clutch of cacoons.

"Who are you?" she asked, defiantly.  "What are you?"

"My name," I said, "is Gwyenelumarmor.  My friends call me Gwyene.  I am a Phyri, and an Orb bearer.  You are an Egyptis.  What is your name?"

The beautiful Egyptis looked at me, deciding whether to trust me or not.  Finally, she gave in and replied, "Inha.  I am a Secret Egyptis, the first of my tribe."  I smiled warmly at her, and took a step closer.

"I see you have clutched.  I have a few Egyptans of my own, two of them are yet cacoons."

"Then should you not be with them now?  Waiting for them to hatch?  So that you will be there when they have?"

"I would be there now, if it were not for the Orb.  I had gone into the forest to perform...the ritual, you would call it.  I was attacked, and once the monster was destroyed, in its place stood a portal.  And my Phyri curiosity would not let me leave the portal un-searched.  I just had to step through, you understand."  The Egyptis nodded her head, in agreement.  "Then I was whisked away, and ended up in a... well, I don't know what it is called, a tomb maybe, made out of sand." A look of realization flew across Inha's eyes.  And then I came across a dwelling, and then your cave.  I thought I heard a noise."

Inha nodded, believing my story, as unlikely as it must have sounded.  "I remember the Tomb.  It was were I was kept as a cacoon, and where I hatched.  My keeper and friend, Shari, found me, and took me in.  I owe everything to her."  A misty glaze appeared in her eyes.  "What do you know?  I hear her coming now.  Perhaps you would like to meet her?"

"Is she human?" I asked, vaguely concerned.

"Yes," Inha replied.  As she said this, a female human appeared in the entrance to the cave.  Inha got to her feet, and rushed over to the girl that must have been Shari.  She nuzzled her, and received a hug in return.  Then Shari spotted me.

"Who are you?" she asked, protectively.

"My name is, well, just call me Gwyene.  I am a Phyri.  I come not from this realm."  The girl eyed me curiously, and after a moment of silence, she giggled.

"Inha says you are ok.  I trust her.  What a story you have."  As one, Shari and Inha walked back into the cave to set a protective watch on the cacoons.  "How do you suppose you are going to get back?"

"I'll just go back through the portal, of course."  Just then, a loud shriek made the mountain tremor.  My heart began to pound rapidly.  The shriek was identical to the one I had heard in the forest.  An Hjork had managed to come to this realm!  Usually they were to stupid or to afraid to go though a portal.

"What was that?" Shari asked, terror in her voice.

"An Hjork," I replied.  "He must have come through the portal after me."  Suddenly, the monster appeared at the entrance. It gave another wail, and entered, unsure of itself.  It began to sniff the air around it, and caught Shari's scent.  It began to come down upon her.  Inha barreled her way in front of her best friend, protecting her.  The monster stopped for a moment, confused by this diversion.  But he then growled, and charged once more.  I grabbed the Orb, and concentrated, but their was a lack of magick within the cave, and the Orb was reluctant to abide by my will.  I cursed it in my head, and watched, horrified, and Inha leapt on the monster's neck, digging her fangs into its tough flesh.

The monster only became more angry, and spun around until Inha came flying off.  She crashed against the cave wall, and fell unconsciousness taking her.  The Hjork started heading towards Inha's limp body.  Again I tried to summon the power of the Orb, but again it defied me.  Shari took up a rock, and threw it at the monsters head.  It hit one of its eyes, half blinding the monster.  But it seemed not to matter.  The monster continued in its trek.

"Hey, over here, stupid!" I called.  The monster stopped short.  Then he spun around, and started barreling down towards me.  I backed up, malice flashing in my eyes, adrenaline pumping through my veins.  Then, I tripped.  A sole cacoon had rolled away from the rest, and had stopped underneath my foot.  The monster gave a cry, a laughing sort of battle cry, and continued coming at me.  I was vulnerable.  Shari ran to Inha, trying desperately to wake her.

Suddenly, the Orb around my neck went hot.  There was a sudden abundance of magick, coming from the cacoon!  I summoned its powers, and the Orbs, and they both bent willingly to my will.  Then, I focused on the Hjork.  A blinding light shot forth from both the cacoon and the Orb.  Together, the two lights lit up the entire cave, the monster gave a startled shriek, and then light up.  We could see its skeletal structure shining in uncanny colors through its putrid green flesh.  Then it broke into millions of billions of peices of harmless bone, muscle, and flesh.  Another portal stood in its place.  The portal consumed the shattered Hjork, bringing its pieces back to the realm in which they belonged.

The light still shone in the cave, its center seeming to be the portal.  Another stream of light, this one rainbow colored, came out of the cacoon, and hit Inha.  Immediately, the Secret Egyptis was revived.  Then the portal started swirling.  It became huge, and sucked us all into its center, even the cacoons.  We were all in the portal dimension, the swirling, starry world.

"What's happening?" Shari wailed.  Her voice echoed in the portal realm, bouncing off the stars before it faded away.

"We are being transported back to my realm." I answered.

"But I don't want to be in your realm!" she moaned.  I felt bad for her, but at the same time, I was happy for her.

"Then you shall not be sent to my realm."  The Orb glowed bright green around my neck.  Suddenly, we were all back in the cave.  The portal stood quietly in a corner, its swirling colors beautiful.

Inha came over to me, and looked at me in an awed way.  Shari did likewise.  I looked back into their eyes, and sighed.  "I suppose I had better go.  I have caused more trouble then I am worth, and worst of all, on a human.  You have my deepest apology."  I turned to the portal.

"But you saved us!" Shari yelled back.  "We owe you are thanks."

"Yes, if you had not gone through the portal, then you would not have been here to save us, and we would have died, I am sure." Inha added.

I felt consoled by their words, they had forgiven me.  Shari ran over to me, and threw her arms around my neck.  Inha came over as well, carrying a cacoon.  "Take this!" she put it in my arms.  "This is the cacoon that your power touched.  I think that it can only belong to you now.  It would be happy nowhere else."  My eyes watered with her extreme kindness.

"Thank you!" I cried.  "I will take care of it forever."  We said goodbye, and I promised to come back if I could.  Then I stepped into the portal, and was carried into my world.  I stepped out, onto my doorway, and pushed the ivy covered door back.  Puzzle rushed out to greet me, throwing me down, covering my face in licks.

He seemed to know what had happened, and was relieved to see me.  "That cacoon will be one of magnificent power." He smiled.  "What are you going to name it?"

"Ardent," I answered.  "That is what Inha made me swear I would name it."

"Ardent," he repeated.

Name: Ardent
Gender: Unknown
Age: Cacoon
Tribe: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown

*Hjork-Erk-Also in Pacantha; Daughter of the King.


My background is from Unicorn Universe