Silver Cresent Valley



This is the Valley of Silver Cresent, more commonly called Silver Cresent Valley.  This wondrous valley is the home of both the Silver Cresent Dragon Tribe and the Moon Orb Dragon Clan.  But do not just think that this magical place is the home of these magnificent beasts, for it is a home to many, including the Starlets, only found here.
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In the Valley, you are given another chance.  A chance to become some one else and live a life of fantasy and wonder.  You will become a Phyri, one of the upper beings that roam this special place.  You will gain many friends and learn many new things.  You might even get a chance to read the Chronicles of Silver Cresent, if you can find them among the many other magnificent things that are hidden here.

But your path is up to you, and where you go from here is your decision.  Take on the life of one of the Phyr kind and learn all about this enchanted realm, or pass up the opportunity for now, maybe come back a different day or not at all.  The decision is yours.



Hey guys, fun while it lasted... but I will be back... promisize!  Just to much for me to handle all on my lonesome... So I'm changing it to a regular adoption agency.  I just hope that people will adopt... :-/