Corona Fox Forest



You decide to visit the forest, so you push that door open and step out.  For a moment you are blinded by a bright ray of sun that shines through some fragile looking trees, but once you can see again you look around.  There is a small lake in front of you, mirroring the brilliant sunlight and sending its reflections off different directions.  You are staring at it when you hear a soft "Ahem" from behind you.  When you spin around you see a fox like creature with 5 tails.  He looks at you, his amber eyes both cold and gentle at the same time.

"My name is Revelation, I am a Fox type Corona Fox," he says, his voice matching the look in his eyes.  "Welcome to the Corona Fox Forest.  This is our home, for we are they," he says.  You raise your eyebrows at him before understanding.

Another Corona Fox, this one grey with delicate blue eyes joins you, her voice very soft yet it demands attention.  "My name is Jubilee.  I am Revelation's mate," she says, her eyes sparkling up at you.  When you ask her what type she is she smiles and replies, "I am a Gray," plain and simply.

You nod your understanding as another Corona Fox, this one a light cream color with 5 tails, all multihued, comes up to you.  "This is Nielo," Jubilee speaks for him.  "He is our vegetarian, a Tawny type," she says, a little rambunctiously.  You can tell that she enjoys being the center of attention.

In Nielo's mouth there is a small book with a red and brown cover.  You take it from him as he nudges it into your hand.  Then he speaks, "This is what Gwyene writes in when she visits us sometimes.  It is about us," he says, beaming as you open it.

It reads:

Name: Revelation
Gender: Male
Color: Fox
Mate: Jubilee
Adopted From: CFA

Revelation is very brave.  He has already started hunting, and enjoys showing off.  Isn't he cute?  He is very friendly.

Revelation is very strong and brave.  He enjoys showing off these traits, especially to Jubilee.  He is also a wonderful hunter.

Revelation is all grown up, an adult at last.  Isn't he wonderful?  He has become very strong and smart.  He runs very swiftly, and almost always catches his prey.  He and Jubilee are mates, she has fallen for his sweetness.


Name: Jubilee
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Mate: Revelation
Adopted From: CFA

Jubilee is very poised.  She enjoys attention, and likes to bathe in the beautiful lake.  She likes to hunt as well, and is rather good at it.

Jubilee has grown up some.  She has become a very good hunter.  She is also the center of attention at all times, she would have it no other way.

Jubilee is all grown up.  Isn't she pretty?  I lover her sweet blue eyes, and so does Revelation, her mate.  Jubilee is still always the center of attention, and she likes it that way.  She is also a good hunter, and her and Revelation hunt together often.


Name: Nielo
Gender: Male
Color: Tawny
Adopted From: CFA

Nielo is very smart already, and likes to read and learn all the time.  He also likes to swim in the clear water, and play with the Koi.

Look at pretty Nielo.  He has a rainbow tail... I did not know he would.  He like's his tail very much, and is very fond of its colors.  He is still very smart and is growing smarter all the time.

Look at proud, colorful Nielo now!  He is so smart, and loves to swim in the water all the time.  He is also a good hunter, but likes herbs and berries as he is very unwilling to take the life of another.


After reading you hand it back to Nielo who takes it and scampers off.  The other two are playing in the water and he joins them once he has deposited his parcel in some secret hiding spot.  With a little better understanding of the Corona Foxes you step back through the door that brought you here.






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