Corona Fox Grove



You walk through the door, and are at once consumed by a swirling cloud of mist.  But the mist is cool and refreshing, and tastes good.  You sit there, blinded by the haze, and listen.  You think you hear something, a soft sound, very pretty and soothing.  Suddenly, the mist subsides, and you see three Corona Foxes coming towards you.  The music seems to be coming from them.

A light grey hued one comes up to you, softly singing her part.  She looks up at you and smiles, whispering, "My name is Harmony.  I am the eldest of the three children of Jubilee and Revelation."

As she looks different from her mother, who is a grey, you ask her what type of Corona Fox she is.  To this, she replies in her misty yet very musical way, "I am a Mist.  One of the only Mists known of."  Another fox follows her up to you, this one looks like her, but you can tell he is a male.

"My name is Descant," he tells you.  His voice is smooth and cool, and for some reason, reminds you of silver.  To your surprise he adds, "Though I look like a Mist as well, I am not.  I am a Silver Fox."  As he speaks the third of the children presents herself to you.  She looks like her father, though her feet are not brown like his.

"My name is Melody, and I am a Red Fox," she tells you.  Her voice is the strongest of the three, and very easy going.  She pulls a out a book, much like the one that Nielo had given you before, and adds, "This is Gwyene's book.  It's about us.  Would you like to read it?"  You take it from her, its bound in a misty blue suede material.  Inside, the pages are white, and written on in a swirly black script.  It reads:

Name: Harmony
Gender: Female
Color: Mist
Mate: None
Adopted From: CFA

Isn't Harmony pretty? She likes to play in the mist, and enjoys hiding and blending in.  She uses her ability to play tricks on the others, but she doesn't mean any harm.

Harmony is still very secretive, and very good at hiding.  She can almost disappear in the mist.  She, like her part in the music of life, is very well put together.  She is easy to get along with, and very in tune to everything around her.  She keeps the other two in line, and together.

Harmony is still such a mystery, so secretive and elusive.  Yet she is very kind, and beautiful.  She has fallen in love with Nielo, and he returns her feelings.  They are mates!  Still, Harmony has grown into her part very nicely, and is the peace maker.  She is in tune to everything, and understands what's going on, even when it would appear chaos has taken over.  She is also very musical, like I had hoped for them all.


Name: Descant
Gender: Male
Color: Silver Fox
Mate: None
Adopted From: CFA

Descant, isn't he handsome?  He takes pride in his colors.  He has also acquired his father's hunting skills, and he is so young too!

Descant is still very skilled and quick.  He will hunt for hours, and is always successful.  He, like his part in the music of life, is the most hard kept and demanding.  But once you get used to him, he is very easy to get along with.

Descant is so very smooth and clever.  Very quick footed and skilled, he is better then his father at hunting, though Revelation won't admit it.  He has also fallen into his place very much as I had hoped. Still being the hardest placed and most confusing of the three, he is easily blended and wonderfully kind once one becomes accustomed to his attitude.  His part in their music is just as hard as his part in their lives.  He, like Harmony, has a musical gift.


Name: Melody
Gender: Female
Color: Red Fox
Mate: None
Adopted From: CFA

Melody is very sweet, and very colorful.  She likes to be around the others, and likes to be by herself as well.  She is very easy going and amiable.

Melody is still very sweet, and still very amiable.  She lets what comes be, and isn't one to complain.  Like her part in the music of life, she is the strongest of the three, and the most content and easy going.

Melody is so very sweet and friendly.  She wouldn't hurt anyone, and no one would even think to hurt her.  I'm surprised that she is still mateless, though the hunt will not be long, I'm sure.  She fits in very well to her place, like the other two.  She is very easy going and the easiest to understand.  She is also very musically gifted, completing the trio, and making the sound perfect.


After you finish reading, you hand the book back the Melody, who takes it happily.  "Isn't it wonderful about Harmony and Nielo?" she asks, excited.  "I cannot wait for their children!"

You look at her, wondering how she can be so happy when she has no mate of her own.  But she is the most compassionate of the three, making it easier to understand.  Then you look at Harmony who is beaming.  It is Descant who interrupts your thoughts.  "The children have not come yet, they are not even officially announced.  So until then, perhaps you would like to look else where?  We need to prepare their home."  You nod, and he takes you back to the door.






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