Cypris Volcano


You wander a while, but before long you find yourself on barren ground.  Not knowing what else to do, you keep walking until you come to water.  It glows red from the setting sun, and something else too.  You spin around, and see lava spurting forth from the mountain.

"Do not be afraid.  The fire will not reach here.  Not yet." You spin around once more, and you see a pallid girl with red hair behind you.  "My name is Aurora," she smiles.  Her voice is strong and emotional, and full of vigor and youth.  "This is the home of the Cypran that live in the valley.  But this is not their original home, they came from Cypris, and if you want one, you should go there as well."  She then leads you to a small nest, in it there is a bright blue and green egg.  It reflects the fire's from the volcano.

"Won't the lava hurt the egg?" you ask.

"No," Aurora replies.  "They will not reach it yet.  Not until the Cypris hatches.  Then it will flow freely, but the Cypris will not be harmed."  You stare at her, not understanding.  "There is magic here.  Do not worry for the egg, or the Cypris inside.  Come back when it hatches."  She ushers you away from the egg and back the way you came.

Cypris' Caretaker: Aurora
Cypris' Name: Feuer
Cypris' Age: Egg
Cypris Gender: Unknown
Adopted From: Cypris

"My name is Aurora.  I am the caretaker of all Cypran in the Valley.  I will be their protector and guardian until the fires of the volcano no longer flow hot."