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This is one of the children of Ruin Mysteek and Ashie

It was late one evening and the stars were just peeping out under the veil of the night sky.  Ruin Mysteek and Ashie were sleeping quietly in a small abode made of new autumn leaves in my yard.  Ashie was expectant, she would soon clutch, but we did not know when.  She had been staying with us, in Hycosallom, the name of my realm, or "Inner" realm, as was commonly called.  I was looking at the stars with Joie de Vivre, she was Star Gazing.

Suddenly, Ruin leapt out of the house of golden leaves and dashed over to us.  Joie, her concentration stifled, took flight and was off.  But Ruin was grinning broadly, and took no heed of the sideways glance of the dragon.  "She clutched!" he reported, his grin grew wider.  He was usually a sober Egyptis, but now he resembled a child who had just received a gift that he had always wanted.

I rushed with him back to the little den where I found Ashie very happily gazing at me, and then at a soft white pile of cacoons.  They were warm and silky soft.  I had never felt anything so smooth and perfect.  I left them, to rest peacefully the rest of the night.

The next day I ventured out under the cool, clear sky.  It was about five o'clock in the morning, and the last remnants of the stars where still glistening under the waning veil of black.  One star shone brighter then the rest.  It seemed to wink at me.  I gazed at it a moment longer, recalling its name and constellation.

It was the Morning Star, its name was Hynam, it belonged to the constellation Napori.  Its full name was Hynam Kanapori, or Destiny's Reign.  It winked at me again, like it was trying to tell me something.  But then it faded away, slowly, back behind the velvet curtain.

I moved further on, and eventually came to the little hut once more.  I looked inside, underneath the leaf cover, and saw that Ruin Mysteek and Ashie were quietly sleeping, her head on his back, the cacoons resting peacefully at her side.  I watched them for a while, until it became tedious to stoop over look through the small hole.  I gently poked Ruin, until his eyelids fluttered open.

"What time is it?" he asked, peering at me through heavy eyelids.

"Morning," I sighed.  He gave me a funny glance, and then closed his eyes once more.  I laughed and stroked his soft head.  "Sleep then, Son of the Sun.  It is not time for you to rise yet."  I saw a small sleepy grin cross his sleeping face.

Later that day, when eventually the two parents did wake up, the sun was shining brightly, not a cloud danced across the clear blue sky.  Ruin and Ashie were off together, somewhere, doing what I could only guess.  I was outside, tending my garden once more.  It reminded me of that fateful day when Ruin emerged, which had almost ended in disaster for us both.

Night came quickly, the cacoons rested peacefully in the sleepy house.  Ruin and Ashie came back, both tired.  Their day had been long and full of excitement, though they would tell me no more, and I didn't care to guess.  The stars once more illuminated the dark velvet sky, and Ruin and Ashie fell asleep in their private dwelling.  I stayed up late that night, looking at the stars, dreaming of days I had not known.

I fell asleep under their surreal calmness, at ease with myself and the rest of the universe.

When I woke up it was still dark, and there was something nudging my side.  I looked, and there stood the bright red Egyptis, soon to be father, Ruin.  "Come quickly," he said, nervous fear plagued his usually calm voice.

"What happened?" I asked.

"One of the cacoons is missing," he replied.  As he said this, I heard a stifled sobbing coming from within the tent made of leaves.  I drew nearer, and the sobbing became clearer.  It was Ashie, crying over her loss.  She looked out at me with tear filled, yet hopeful, eyes.

"I will look for it," I said, without waiting for her to ask.  A bright spark danced across her eyes, filled with hope, but then was washed away by another downfall of tears.  I turned away, and heard Ruin rush in, to his mate's side.

I did not know where to begin, and I did not know what luck I would have.  But the stars where shining brightly, unveiled, and they offered both light and comfort.  I looked up, and saw Hynam Kanapori once more, and she winked at me again.

It is said, in Hycosallom, that the stars are great revealers, and those that heed what they are saying will be greatly rewarded.  I had thought that she was trying to tell me something the morning before, and now, I thought, it was certain that she was trying to get something across.  I looked at her intently, and she shone brighter.  The stars around her dulled in comparison.  She looked like a little sun, blinking far off, but ever nearing to take her father's place.

Suddenly, a bright light shone out of her, and landed on the ground a few yards in front of me.  I rushed to where her gently beams lay, and found, in their midst, a cacoon.  The lost cacoon.  I looked up at sweet Hynam, and whispered 'Thank you," in Phyrish.  She winked at me once more, and then swallowed her beam up again.  I looked at the little cacoon, and it seemed to radiate still, dully, but glowing all the same.  I gathered the little one into my arms, and carried it back to Ruin and Ashie, who were ever so happy to have it back.

I went to bed, sleep coming easy, and with arms wide open.  I woke up about mid-afternoon of the same day, but I was refreshed and felt whole and complete.  I walked out to Ruin and Ashie, who rushed out in unison to greet me.  Ashie threw her wings around me, hugging me, and thanked me.  Then Ruin came up to me, with a white cacoon in his mouth.

"We decided that you should have this one," he looked at me happily.  "All night it glowed, and its light only faded when the sun came over the hills in the distance.  Something happened last night, I don't know what, but you do.  You found it, and you should be the one to keep it safe from now on."  I blushed at his words, my cheeks turning redder then his.  Ashie smiled up at me, warmly.

Name: Destiny's Reign
Gender: Unknown
Tribe: Unknown
Age: Cacoon
Mate: None
Abilities Unknown

I took the cacoon, full of joy and gratitude, and took it with me into my home.  I set it gently on the bed, and sat next to it, pondering its name.  I knew I didn't have to name it right then, but something within me, or within the cacoon, urged me to name it right then and there.  I thought long and hard, and tried to think of what to name it.

Then, as if the idea jumped out of the cacoon and into my mind, I heard the words softly echo through my head.  They said, "Hynam Kanapori," in a voice that sounded like the stars themselves where talking.  "Destiny's Reign," I sighed, the words rolling off my tongue sweetly and smoothly.  I looked at the cacoon and said the name once more.  Something within shifted happily.

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