Sea Draqine Space



You notice one of the planets is drawing you towards it, and you walk up to it.  You put your hand on it, and feel yourself dissolving.  When you feel solid ground underneath your feet once more you look around you.  It looks as if you are in outer space.  Suddenly, a winged creature flies down to you, and lands at your feet.

"My name is Estrellita and I am a Sea Draqine," it tells you cheerily.  She smiles at you and then flutters up to eye level.  "Soon, there might be more of us here, but for now I am the only lonely one." She smiles again.  "I'm not really lonely, Gwyene visits me often so I can't be."

Name: Estrellita
Color: Cosmos
Gender: Female
Parents: Alarai Moon and Shadow's Star
Mate: None

As a hatchling wasn't she cute?  She was so modest, and so perfect.  She liked visitors, and liked to visit other Draqines.