Equadragon Eclipse


You walk around a little, until suddenly you find yourself on a glowing golden mountain.  You look around a little bit, awed by the beauty.  Suddenly, you stumble across a large egg.  You look down at it, wondering where it came from.  "It belongs to an Equadragon," you hear a musical voice.  You look up, and see a black skinned Phyri looking at you.  She doesn't look angry, but you can't exactly tell what her emotions are at a glance.  Her golden hair is pulled back in a braid, and her eyes are a bright turquoise color.  "They are a rare kind of dragon, from Mystia," she goes on to explain.  You look back at the egg.

"When will it hatch?" you ask.

"I don't know," she replies, "but I hope soon.  I love the entire dragon kind, and cannot wait to expand my knowledge and friends.  I love them all."  She smiles at you, and adds, "Perhaps you would like to come back when it hatches?"  You nod, and her grin broadens.  She leads you back the way you came, and nods at you.  Suddenly, she is gone in a swirl of golden smoke.