Garble Garden



You follow Jardin down a stony path and you come to a small, secluded area of the garden.  There are tiny little plants swaying gently in the breeze.  Suddenly, on one of the leaves you see a flash of color.  You rub your eyes, thinking you've seen something, but no, there it is again.  You look at Jardin, wanting an explanation.  "They are called Garbles, they are from Mystia, also."

She bends over, and picks up one of the fleeting shapes.  She hands it to you, and to your surprise it is smooth.  "That is Drolog, he is a gold."

She reaches in and grabs another, pulling it out and handing it to you.  "This is Vilrus, our silver female."  The two in your hands begin to stretch lazily.

She reaches in once more, and snares another streak.  She places this one in your hands too, and introduces him as Warkindar, the rainbow male.

Again she reaches in to the plant and pulls out a garble, this one is a little lighter then Warkindar, and she is also placed in your hands.  "Her name is Iirian, she is a rainbow as well."  The four in your hands begin to play, climbing up and down your arms, tickling them.

For the last time she reaches into the bush and pulls out another garble.  This one she places in your hand, but it looks different.  It is the inverse colors of the rainbows, and you seem to know there is something special about it.  "This is Lorikeet, our opal neuter, making it genderless." It stretches out in your hands like the others did, and then begins to play.  You bend over, putting your hands gently on a small leaf of the plant, and the five playful little creatures jump onto it, and resume their play.

"They do not always play," Jardin adds.  They like to work the soil, and are very good at it.  Sometimes we take them out into the larger part of the gardens, and let them work that soil, but it is rarely so, as they tend to be tormented and chased by the bigger creatures." She smiles and nods at you, and then walks off, expecting you to follow.