You walk outside, and into a large, blushing green garden.  You wander through it, admiring it, when you hear a soft "Ahem," behind you.  You whirl around to see a pasty pale looking creature, the likes of which you have never seen.  "My name is Jardin," the creature says.  I am the guardian of the Gardens here in the Valley.  I came from Mystia.  I see you have been looking at the plants.  But that is not all there is in these gardens.  There are many creatures that live here as well.

As she speaks, two little creatures skit out in front of you.

"This is Grünia and her mate Niathor.  She is a green lizard, he is a purple, also from Mystia, and just one example of the many creatures that live here."  The pretty little lizards look at you for half a second before they speed off once more into the greenery.

"If you follow me I will take you to a part of the garden that is known for the creatures that live there" she continues, walking off and not waiting for you to follow.