Hunter Hills



You begin to walk up a hill, your heart beating quickly from the effort.  Suddenly, you come to the top of the hill and find the pagoda.  Oddly out of place, you wander up to it, cautious of what its contents may be.  When you reach it, you look inside, and see that its empty!  Disappointed you start to head back down the hill, when a slender dragon-like creature steps out in front of you.

"My name is Hyathari, I am a Hunter from the realm of Mystia."  You look at her, surprised at her sudden appearance.  But by now you are becoming accustomed to sudden appearances.

"I have never seen a Hunter before," you comment.  She laughs.

"I'm not surprised, not many have," she replies.  "But we really aren't all that rare, just uncommon.  What brings you here?"  You tell her about the Phoenixes, and she nods, understanding.  "I have seen them a few times, we are acquainted."  Having not much more to say on that topic of conversation, she changes the subject.  "I am going to go hunting, but feel free to roam around a little longer.  There might be other animals around..." a playful look appears in her eye, but then vanishes.  She turns away and disappears as well into the bushes.

You wonder what other animals might be around, and walk into the pagoda.  It is circular, and in the middle there is a small pedestal.  In the middle of the pedestal there is a book, bound in a marble colored material.  You open it up, and it reads:

Name: Hyathari
Gender: Female
Color: Green-Grey
Adopted From: Mystia

Hyathari is the first Hunter to come here, and she is a wonderful companion.  If all Hunters are like her, then I hope for more.  She is very loyal, and a wonderful hunter.  She is also very hyper and fun loving, and tends to chase the littler animals around, though she means no harm.  We have formed a special bond, one that is stronger then most that I share with my others.  For this reason, I do not want more Hunters, for fear that the bond will be lost once it has need to be spread.  For now, I do not think I will ask for another.


Once finished, you put the book down, and are even more anxious to discover the other animals that might be lurking around.  So you begin to lurk around.