Kingdom Fox Crater



You walk around a while longer, and then you come to a small pond.  On either side of you, you see red mountains, and you wonder where they came from, you hadn't noticed them before.  Suddenly, out of the mountain bounds a few speaks of color.  They near you and you see that they are really Kingdom Foxes, like the ones that you had meet before.

A blue colored one comes up to you, followed closely by a red colored one.  "Who are you?" he asks firmly, like all the other males have so far.  But there is a different air about him, and he seems much calmer then the others.  Once you explain to him, he relaxes, though he was never really tense.

"My name is Krater," he explains, calmly.  And behind me is Luthien. She is beautiful, is she not?  I am planning on asking her to mate with me, later though.  I do not know if she feels the same way about me." he says this rather quietly, close to your ear.  "I am a Water, and she is a Red."

You look at them, confused, but not really.  The general air about the place creates a confused understanding.  "Hello," she says to you, pleased with herself.  Then she walks up to you, and places her muzzle close to your ear.  "Isn't he wonderful?  I think he likes me as well.  If only he'd ask me to mate him."  You smile, apathetically.

A white female looms up to you, she sways slightly, looking queenly.  She looks a little like Arwen.

"My name is Feai," she whispers, her voice is like the wind.  "I am a Wind." She speaks with a certain gloom hanging about her.

The last of the Kingdom Foxes comes up to you, with a book in his mouth.  He looks you up and down before saying rather sharply, "My name is Zauberei.  I am a Fire."

  "This is the log book that Gwyene keeps here.  Perhaps you would like to read it?" He hands it to you.  It is bound in burgundy leather, the pages are white, and there is a swirly script on the pages, one that has become quite familiar.  It reads:


Name: Krater
Gender: Male
Color: Water
Adopted From: KFA

'Krater is here at last!  And isn't he wonderful?  He has taken quite well to the Crater, and especially enjoys swimming in the water.  He is very sweet, and very loyal to his sister as well as the other two, and has willingly let Zauberei take the lead.'


Name: Feai
Gender: Female
Color: Wind
Adopted From: KFA

'Feai is so very mystical and wispy.  I don't know how to describe it any better.  She likes the clouds, and stares at them constantly.  If she could, I bet she would love to be soaring amongst them.  But as she cannot she sits and dreamily stares at them as if they contain all the knowledge in the world.'


Name: Zauberei
Gender: Male
Color: Fire
Adopted From: KFA

'Zauberei is here!  Isn't he handsome?  His colors are so contrasting, and he has such a fiery and sharp attitude.  He likes to be in charge, and is very good at taking the lead.  He has quickly made the Crater his home, and knows it by heart already.'

'Zauberei is so much a leader, and so strong.  He will not be told off, nor will he be bossed around.  His attitude is very fiery, and he likes to be in charge.  But he isn't mean to his sister, and is trying to get her out of her shell.  He even likes to share his leadership role with her, though she will not accept.'

'Zauberei is still the leader, naturally born and full of fire and energy.  But he isn't bossy to the others as much anymore.  Still, he will not allow himself to be bossed around or told he is wrong, and when ever an attempt is made at this crime, he becomes a burning ball of fiery temper.  But he has never lost control of himself, and is rather forgiving.  He is still working on his sister, and she is coming out a little more.'




Name: Luthien
Gender: Female
Color: Red
Adopted From: KFA

'Luthien, pretty, sweet Luthien.  She is almost identical to her brother, but she isn't in so many ways.  Aside from their colors, there is nothing even closely similar.  She is quiet and reserved, and likes to follow her brother around.  I don't know how she likes the Crater yet.'

'Luthien, still very pretty and shy.  Still a follower, but she is opening up to me a little, and has taken a liking to the crater.  She will follow her brother around, going where he goes, seeing what he sees, and enjoying herself in her own special way.  She really is sweet though, and if push came to shove, I'm sure she could take care of herself.'

'Luthien, so sweet and shy, very pretty but to afraid to show off and flaunt, so she does not shine as much as she could.  But she does shine in a different way, and once one gets to know her well enough then she begins to warm up to you, and open up.  Really, she is very sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor, but she hides it so well you would never be able to guess.'



You hand the book back to Zauberei, who takes it from you.  Then Feai comes up to you, and continues in her rather mysterious and foreboding manner, "It is nice here, but I sense that changes will come when the water and clay combine.  New life will be formed.  It is inevitable," you realize that she is talking about Luthien and Krater, and gasp excitedly.  "But the change has not come yet, and perhaps you should go," she adds, and you go back the way you came.