Kingdom Fox Falls



You walk through the door labeled FALLS, and find yourself in an outside world, with a huge waterfall.  There are two creatures at the top, and they nimbly leap down the slippery grey rocks towards you.  A green one, who you recognize to be a Kingdom Fox, comes up to you cautiously.  "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" he asks.  You sigh, and explain it to him.  He eyes you up and down, but he no longer seems cautious of you.

"My name is Saelbeth," he tells you, his eyes softened.  "And this is my sister, Arwen."  A white one who seemed to glide down the rocks smiles at you.

"We are the only ones who live here, as of now.  And I do not know if Gwyene plans to broaden our grounds to make them accommodating  for more, but recently she has been doing some renovating..." Arwen trails off, suggestively. 

As she speaks, Saelbeth goes back up the rocks, disappears for a moment, and then comes back down.  He has something in his mouth.  Its a book, bound in a sickly grey-brown leather.  "This is what Gwyene writes in sometimes when she comes.  Perhaps you would like to read it?"  You take it from him, and open it up.  It reads:

Name: Saelbeth
Gender: Male
Color: Earth
Adopted From: KFA

'Saelbeth is here!  Isn't he cute?  He is an Earth, and very cool about it.  He likes to play on the rocks, and with the leaves, and just in general.  He likes to play, especially with Arwen.'

'Saelbeth sports the brotherly love 100%.  He watches over his little sister all the time, and makes sure that she doesn't get hurt or in trouble.  And they still like to play together, I hope that they never grow out of loving each other.  Saelbeth is also very swift and light on his feet.  He's a wonderful hunter already!'


'Saelbeth is a teen, but he doesn't act like one.  He acts much more mature then his age would suggest, and his habits are all good ones.  He is a wonderful hunter, and getting better, and is always ready for a challenge.  But he is still protective of his little sister, and finds her flirtatious ways rather frustrating.  He's still worried that she can't take care of herself.'

'Saelbeth is all grown up!  Isn't he handsome?  And he is very intellectual.  He has finally decided that Arwen can take care of herself, but he still adores and longs to protect her.  He is worried for her well being.  But he has also turned to worrying about finding a mate.  He hasn't found the right one yet, but when he does I know that she will love him instantaneously.  He is kind and considerate, and will provide well for her.'


Name: Arwen
Gender: Female
Color: Light
Adopted From: KFA

'Arwen is here!  Isn't she pretty?  She is a Light, and very pure and poised at that.  She likes to be near the water, because of its soothing and cleaning properties.  But she likes to play with Saelbeth as well.'

'Arwen loves her brother, but finds that he can be over protective at times.  All the same, she wouldn't be happy without him.  She, like her brother, is swift, but she is more graceful, and hasn't taken to hunting as of yet.  She still likes the water, and is becoming an exceptional swimmer.  She is good and pure, and will always stay that way, or so I hope.'

'Arwen is very pretty, and very graceful.  She is swift, and strong, and unlike most other kingdom fox females that I know.  Despite her brother's worries, she still manages to be a flirt and tease all the males with her playfulness.  But she is still so pure, and good, and wouldn't do anything bad or morally wrong.  She has also taken to eating vegetation, and finds taking innocent life to be vile.'

'Arwen is my precious lady of the light.  She is graceful and swift, and gentle and delicate, and strong.  She loves everything good under the sun, and will not take the life of another, even if it means starvation.  But she manages, and she feeds off of vegetation, mostly berries.  She is also looking for a mate, one who will be kind to her, and love her, and give her the respect she deserves.  She is not such a flirt as she was as a teen, and believes that the right mate will come and claim her eventually.'


After reading the book, you look back up at the two siblings and hand the book back to Saelbeth.  "Neither of you have mates yet?" You ask.

"No," Arwen and Saelbeth reply in unison.  They look at each other, and laugh, slightly.  Then Saelbeth takes the book back up the rocks.  Arwen climbs up after him.








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