Kingdom Fox Heavens



You push open the door, and come out into a large room, much the same shape and size as the one before.  Even the colors are strikingly similar.  But you notice that the walls and ceiling seem to be twinkling and moving.  There are purple clouds that seem to be shifting over a black sky, with dozens of shimmering stars.

Entranced by the ceiling and walls, you are startled when you hear a voice behind you.  You whirl around, and see a purple Kingdom Fox.  But he is different then his mother, he is darker, and scattered stars are woven into his coat.  He looks at you, puzzled, and then asks, "Who are you?"  You tell him, like you told his father before him, and he smiles.

"Then I have no need to hurt you," he says, quite matter-of-factly.

Not sure how to respond, you say, "Thank you," and he laughs.

"My name is Etoile," he tells you.  "I'm glad to meet you."

"Care to introduce me to your friend?" you hear another voice, this one sweet and musical, and very feminine.  "My name is Soir," a beautiful Kingdom Fox emerges out of the shadows of the corner.

"I am a Nebulous, and my brother is a Twilight.  The very first!  And he is a wonderful hunter.  He was serious about hurting you earlier."  She says this seriously, and sure of herself, stating a fact.  You look at her fondly, laughing inwardly about her devotion to her brother, who is rolling his eyes and looking at her impatiently.  Then she produces a small book from behind her, in the shadows, and gives it to you.  "This is the book that Gwyene keeps here.  It is about us.  Would you like to read it?" She looks at you sweetly, and smiles.

You open the black leather bound book, and realize that it is almost the same as the one that you read in the Kave.  But the pages are a little darker, like Etoile is a little darker then his mother.  It reads:

Name: Etoile
Gender: Male
Color: Twilight
Mate: None
Adopted From: KFA

'Etoile is very handsome, is he not?  He's the first of his tribe, the Twilight.  And like one would expect, he is especially found of his namesake.  He is cunning and creative, like his father, and also poses the natural flair of his mother.'

'Etoile is growing in looks and attitude daily.  He is still very cunning and creative, like his father.  Like his mother, he is very perky, and doesn't usually let anything get him down.  He isn't as brotherly loving as I had hoped, and finds his little sister to be a nuisance.  Especially because all of his friends seem to have a crush on her.  But he isn't mean or spiteful to her either, and often times they sit under the starry twilight sky together.'

'Etoile is growing apart from his sister, and one does not often see them together.  He also tries to keep his friends away from her.  He is very handsome, and very creative, and smart too.  And he is always happy, enjoying especially the twilight time of the night.  He's such a sweet fox, one would wonder why he doesn't take pride or enjoyment in his sister.'

'Etoile is so very handsome and kind, to everyone but his sister that is.  He is very creative, and very sweet.  Etoile likes to sit under the stars, still, and that is the only place that you will see him with his sister.Any female would fall easily in love with him.  A few that he had meet have, but he did not return their love.  I think that the perfect one will someday show up though, and then they will be happy together.'


Name: Soir
Gender: Female
Color: Nebulous
Mate: None
Adopted From: KFA

'Soir is especially beautiful, and is the apple of her parent's eyes.  She's the first Nebulous.  But she isn't cocky or bigheaded about it.  In fact, she is rather modest.  But she does enjoy catching the male's glimpses as she struts around.  And only a cub!  But she is always under the watchful glance of her father.'

'Soir is very beautiful, and very modest, which intensifies her beauty.  She never brags about herself, but usually finds herself bragging about her wonderful brother.  This is strange to me, considering he doesn't like her very much.  But she admires him.  She is also very secretive, more so then she was as a cub.  But she still enjoys catching the males eyes, and her father is still very watchful.'

'Soir, the modest little beauty.  She could prance around all day, and get glances and stares, and not brag about it or herself to anyone.  She seems to like the shadows, and the stars, and the Northern Lights.  She never misses sitting out under them and enjoying their beauty.  And though she likes attention from the males, she doesn't return the attention, so they do not bother her.  Her father sees her growing in maturity, and has backed off a little.'

'Soir, my little star, but not so little anymore.  She is all grown up, much to everyone's despair.  But she is still a modest little beauty, and does not brag about herself or her coat.  She still likes to sit under the stars and in the shadows.  They are her relief from the rest of the world.  Maybe someday she will be as happy as she deserves to be, with the perfect mate who will sit out under the Northern Lights with her.  She likes to be with the males that like her, but she doesn't love them.  Both of the children are mateless, I wonder who will mate first?'


Once you've finished reading, you close the book gently and hand it back to Soir, who conceals it once more in the shadows.  "Now that you know all about us, what do you want to do?" Etoile asks you.  "Perhaps you would like to go somewhere else?  There really isn't much of interest here," he says this, glaring at his sister.

She gives him a sideways glance, but decides to brush it off and let it go.  "You could visit the Falls, or go back to the Cave," she leads you to the door and goes out the doggie door.  You open the door and follow, and she is sitting there waiting patiently.  "That door is the one to our parents," she points to the one across from her.  "And this one leads to the Falls.  I hope you visit us again." She says this, and then slips back into her room.






My background is from Unicorn Universe