Kingdom Fox Kave

This is the home of my Kingdom Foxes


You walk down a brightly lit hall, with random doors on either side.  You test the doors, but they are locked.  Finally you come across a door that isn't locked.  Written on the frame in golden letters are the initials K. F.  Wondering who K. F. is, you push the door the rest of the way open walk into a dim room with a purple and black carpet.  Sitting on two pillows are two very elegant looking creatures.  They remind you of the Egyptans you had seen, but they look strikingly different.  The darker one glares at you suspiciously.

"Who are you, and what is it that you are doing here?" He asks, his voice strong and firm.  After you tell him, he relaxes a little, and replies, "My names is Dinarroz, and this is my mate.  Her name is Chime." The beautiful purple one smiles at you peaceably.

"Hello," she adds, musically.  Then she slides out a book from under her pillow.  "This is the book that Gwyene writes in when ever she is here.  Perhaps you would like to read it?"  She pushes it forwards more, and you pick it up.  It is bound in black leather, and the pages inside are purple.  You begin to read it, and then realize that it is a picture log.  It reads:

Name: Dinarroz
Gender: Male
Color: Dark
Mate: Chime
Adopted From: KFA

'Dinarroz is very cunning and sneaky.  But he is also very reserved, and it took a while for me to become bonded to him.  He is very sweet, once you get to know him.  I wonder, how will he like Chime?'

'Dinarroz has grown up a little.  Isn't he cute?  But be quiet, he is sleeping.  Although, you can never really tell if he is sleeping because he is so tricky.  But, he is very sweet, once you get to know him, as well as I have.'

'Look at wonderful Dinarroz now!  He is a teen!  Isn't he cute? But don't tell him that.  He seems to like Chime more then I had expected.  He watches over her like a brother would a sister.  But he is still very sneaky and coy.'

'Dinarroz is now an adult.  Isn't he wonderful?  The marking on his hind leg is barely visible.  He has become very good at sneaking around, and is very coy and clever.  He is rather protective of Chime, and his love for her runs deep.  He would not let anything hurt her, and is always watching her.  He asked her to be his mate the day that she turned into an adult, and she said yes.  He loves her with all his heart.'


Name: Chime
Gender: Female
Color: Purple
Mate: Dinarroz
Adopted From: KFA

'Look!  Chime has finally arrived!  Isn't she beautiful?  She blends in very well to the background, and she loves to play hide and seek with Dinarroz.  She has a very cheery and bright attitude, and loves to make me smile.'

'Look at Chime.  Isn't she pretty?  She is now a cub, and very sweet.  She and Dinarroz have hit it off very well.  She is very smart, for just being a cub, and doesn't let him play tricks on her.'

'Look at pretty Chime!  She knows she is beautiful, and flaunts around and shows off.  She is looking for a mate, and I think Dinarroz is aware of this.  She is very much a flirt, and he is always watching her and protecting her.  Any Kingdom Fox would easily fall for her.'

'Look at wonderful, pretty, adult Chime!  She is all grown up!  Doesn't she blend wonderfully into the background?  And her marking is very clear and crisp.  She is very graceful, and still very much a flirt.  But she has found a mate... Finally!  The day she turned into an adult Dinarroz asked her to be his mate.  I think he has fallen under her spell.  She loves him through and through.'


Once you have finished reading and understand the mated pair better you ask them, "Do you have any children?"

 Both of their eyes twinkle, and Chime replies, "Yes, we do.  Two of them live here, the others have gone to foster homes.  Would you like to see them?" When she sees you nodding she gets up off her pillow and leads you to another door.  Suddenly, you remember your first question.

"Who is K. F.?" you ask, curious.  "They are not your initials."

"No, they aren't," Dinarroz frowns at you.  "But don't tell me, you've never heard of a Kingdom Fox before?" You shake your head no.  "We are Kingdom Foxes," he sighs, frustrated.

"Oh," you say, with an added smile to encourage him.  "Now, where are your children?"

"Through here," Chime pokes her nose at the door, "you will come across a group of doors.  "Three lead to different homes for the Kingdom Foxes, and the other leads to our children.  They live in the Heavens.  There is a sign on the door saying which is to which," she smiles at you.  You push open the door, taking note of the rather large doggie door that swings open with it, and find yourself in a smaller version of the other room.  It is empty, save for a lamp that shines a stream of white light on the floor around it.

You go to the four doors, and they read: