Milieu's Skies



This is the home of my rare Cremonie Dragon.  She is a cloud dragon, isn't she beautiful?

Still the nicest and most beautiful Cremonie I know, very gracefully and compassionately she shows her love for others.  Ever growing in friendship and fellowship, and a wonderful companion.  I would trade her for no other, she is sheer joy and bliss.  And she is wonderfully strong and intelligent.  The sky is her kingdom, but she rules it justly, and lets no ill befall her subjects.  Queen of both the sky, and of my heart.

Name: Milieu
Gender: Female
Stage: Teen
Adopted From: CDA

Milieu is growing in kindness and fellowship every day.  She is still sweet, kind, and giving.  Her heart is true and pure.  She is still a wonderful friend and companion.  I never new a Cremonie so kind and compassionate.

Milieu is still very sweet, wonderful, and especially kind.  She is a great friend, and a wonderful companion.  She would never hurt anyone, is tries to be very friendly and giving.

Milieu is very sweet, loving, and kind.  She likes to be in the clouds, but likes to be with loved ones more.  She is very sweet and innocent.

Milieu is very special and close to my heart.  She was a gift from a very good friend.  Thank you!