Wild Clutch 1


This is my first ever wild clutch, and also a way to make it up to everyone for disappearing on you. I hope you like what you see, and remember: Adopt adopt adopt!

These conform to all rules that any other custom egyptan would, including:

A banner/link to the adoption agency

A link to http://scd.nepart.com/customs.htm

Apply by emailing me at Szyrensong@yahoo.com with:

The one you wish for:
The URL of a ready made page:



Tribe: Yellow Lilly
Adopted by: NA
  Tribe: Rippled Falls
Adopted by:
Tribe: Flash Dance
Adopted by: SilverDust
  Tribe: Sea Gem
Adopted by:
Tribe: Emerald Isle
Adopted by: NA
  Tribe: Pyro
Adopted by: NA